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4 Benefits Of Switching To An Electric Water Heater

electric water heater benefitsWhen it comes to the type of water heating system you decide to put in your home, whether you have a brand new construction, or you are just looking to update your existing home a little bit, making the choice to go with a brand new electric water heater could easily be one of the best investments you make. There are a number of electric water heater benefits that their counterparts don't get to enjoy, and our team of professionals here at Water Heater Heroes have taken the time to put together a short list highlighting some of these in an effort to make your decision just a little bit easier. If you are in the market for a new water heater for your home, here are just a few reasons that a new electric water heater could be the best choice for your home that you ever make. let our trusted Tucson Water Heater experts here at Water Heater Heroes give you some tips.


One major aspect of electric water heaters compared to gas heaters is the level of safety. Gas water heaters carry a number of risks with them, one of the most serious of which includes gas leaks. The chances of you being electrocuted by your electric water heater are minuscule when compared to the risk have being affected by a gas leak. Gas leaks can lead to a number of different dangerous occurrences in your home, and in addition to proving to be a serious fire hazard, the inhalation of these gases can also be a severe health hazard. With an electric water heater, many of these issues will be something you never even have to worry about.

Ability To Install A Timer

Another cost saving benefit that can only be had with an electric water heater is the ability to install a timer. Having a timer installed on your water heater allows you to easily cut off power to your water heater during certain times of the day, helping you reduce the cost of operating your unit and saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

Cost Of Installation

With the installation of a gas water heater, not only are you going to wind up paying for the unit itself, but you are also going to have to invest in a proper exhaust system for it, meaning that you are going to have to have PVC tubing installed up and through your home to your roof. Compared to an electric water heater, which really only requires installing the proper outlets, you could find yourself paying a good deal extra in installation costs if you choose to go with gas.

Space Requirements

If you are concerned about the amount of space your new water heater is going to take up, or whether or not you are going to have to fully clear out a special area to accommodate it, an electric water heater might be the best option for you. While gas water heaters require at least 6-18" of ventilation around all sides and the top, an electric water heater can be installed in a fairly small or confined space with no issues at all. With electric, there is no need to worry about the build up of gas in small spaces or explosion.

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